Rack Power Distribution Unit (Rack PDU) Solutions

Vertiv™ next generation of rack PDUs provides the industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power metering and distribution complete with the simplified energy management, modular design and cost savings that ensure your data center and your business can operate at peak velocity and resiliency.

Our complete portfolio of rack PDUs offers value beyond just power distribution. It easily integrates to your data center infrastructure management systems to make your organization more resilient, enhance your business velocity and provide the technological support you need to grow your company.

Vertiv™ MPH2™ and MPX™ intelligent rack PDUs can be managed both locally and remotely. Metering of all electrical information down to the outlet, phase, bank or rack PDU level as well as integration with environmental sensors makes these rack PDUs the backbone of rack level power consumption and environmental information. Support for all major industry-standard management, authentication and encryption standards and protocols ensure that these products seamlessly fit into any existing network and security architecture.

The Vertiv™ MPE™ Elementary Rack PDU provides all the necessary functions of a rack- based power distribution unit to guarantee reliable power supply.

Vertiv™ Knürr DI-STRIP® Basic Rack PDU product family meets a broad range of data center power distribution requirements for IT applications, computer networking and home sector. This product line is specially configured for the growing number of electronic components in network switching racks or server racks.

Vertiv™ PDU’s are designed to provide the best availability and highest efficiency, optimize energy and capacity management, simplify integration with management tools, and be compatible with virtually every brand of rack.

Vertiv™ brings together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to ensure its customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally and grow with their business needs. Vertiv™ solves the most important challenges facing today’s data centres, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Vertiv™ employs around 20,000 people and does business in more than 130 countries.

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