Vertiv MPX™ Adaptive Rack PDU:

Respond to change and maximize profits

No-one can make definite predictions about the power-supply demands the future will bring. But one thing is certain: the versatile, adaptive MPX rack PDUs equips you with the wherewithal to face all eventualities.

They enable you to react quickly to changes in rack equipment and provide dynamic capacities, offering:

  • Modular hot-swap-enabled output power.
  • Modular hot-swap-enabled communication.
  • Modular input power.

Benefits of MPX™:

  • Adaptive capacity, distribution, monitoring, control and administration of critical equipment.
  • Flexibility in reacting to constant changes – modules can be regrouped.
  • Only purchase what you really need and utilize existing investment.

Developed for critical environments:

  • Critical rack operating temperature – of up to 60 °C suitable for high temperatures inside racks.
  • Accurate voltage and current metering with tolerances of ±1 % offer a comprehensive overview.
  • Energy and power metered with outstanding precision all the way through to output level.
  • Extensive alert function; including notification before failure occurs.
  • Monitoring of environment conditions including alerts and alarms.
  • Notification upon failure or if individual components are removed.

Vertiv MPH2™ Managed Rack PDU:

Monitoring and Control

The MPH2™ Managed Rack PDU is a power supply system with monitoring and control functions which offer outstanding features such as easy rack-integration and management architecture as well as optimum availability and energy efficiency.

Benefits of MPH2™:

  • Monitors several parameters with defined thresholds and alarm tools.
  • Monitors and controls individual outputs and/or load appliance groups
  • A variety of measurements allows you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively managed connected equipment for maximum uptime.
  • Energy and power metering maximize the data center power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Lowest power consumption of all switched-rack PDUs lowers power costs and thermal load.
  • Up to four racks MPH2™ PDUs can be connected in a thereby consolidating user-specific IP connections and equipment monitoring.

Developed for critical environments:

  • Industry-leading operating temperature of up to 60 °C suitable for high temperatures inside racks.
  • Bistable relays ensure basic power supply even when shortfalls occur elsewhere.
  • Accurate voltage and current metering up to outlet level with ±1 % tolerances deliver reliable results.
  • Extensive alarm functions including notification when an overload occurs in individual groups.
  • Monitoring of environment conditions (temperature, humidity and input contacts) with alerts and alarms.
  • Notification upon failure or if loads are removed in individual racks.

Vertiv MPE™ Rack PDU:

Reliable power distribution for data centers

The MPE™ Rack PDU is a power distribution unit for data center applications. It provides all the necessary functions of a rack-based power distribution unit and guarantees reliable power distribution with a broad range of IT devices and other sensitive electrical loads that can be connected to it.

Benefits of MPE:

  • Great model variability within the MPE™ product line (various plug, socket and power level combinations).
  • Highly durable aluminum profile for outstanding mechanical resistance.
  • Critical rack operating temperature of up to 60 °C suitable for high temperatures inside racks.
  • Low unit profile with ultra-flat circuit breakers and flexible power cable input simplifies installation within the rack and guarantees the most efficient space utilization.
  • Output cable with locking mechanism.
  • SpeedMount function for installation in Knürr DCM/Instarack which saves time and money in on-site installations.

Vertiv Knürr™ DI-STRIP Rack PDU:

As far as power distribution is concerned, the DI-STRIP® product group fulfills the requirements of many applications in IT network technology, laboratories, industry and domestic areas. The DI-STRIP® products are available with different accessories including circuit breaker, overvoltage protection, mains filter, master-slave function, emergency stop control, fault current circuit breaker or local and remote metering.

Benefits of DI-STRIP®:

  • High degree of stability and torsional stiffness thanks to steel sheet, ideal for rough industrial requirements
  • Optimum conductivity: Continuous brass bus bars in many models
  • Additional external certifications marks from accredited testing institutes such as GS (safety approved) and / or BG (component test) for each model guarantee optimum electrical safety
  • One of the most compact PDU on the market with dimensions of 44.4 x 45.5 mm offering space-saving potential even in a 600 mm wide rack.
  • Simple, quick vertical and horizontal assembly on the cabinet (19'' / 1U) resulting in cost savings in terms of assembly and cabling

Benefits of DI-STRIP® metering module:

  • Clear local displays of all electrical values
  • Remote interface for remote detection and configuration of the DI-STRIP® I
  • Monitoring of the asymmetric load which prevents the overloading of the supply cable in a 3-phase supply
  • Optimum load supervision during the installation of the server, an LED with a traffic light function immediately indicates the status of the power distribution (DI-STRIP® D)
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